Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sexy Romantic Night In

Oh how I love these kinds of nights....

Master and I were sitting on the couch, just chatting about mundane things. I was in my underwear and a black shirt with no bra. I told him that my breasts might smell of coconut; I like to use coconut oil as a moisturizer. He pulled me close to "have a taste." He licked and sucked on my nipples, getting me more and more excited by the minute.

He then removed my shirt and laid me down on the couch. He then began playing with the edge of my underwear, and giving the area around a mix of soft touches and hard presses with his knuckles. He finally then removed my underwear and proceeded to tease my thighs with kisses and bites. He got me so worked up, that when he finally began to lick my pussy, I exploded really quickly!
The orgasms kept rolling in, one right after another. When it's that intense, I feel like I cannot bear it, and yet I'm DYING for it to go on! I felt my pussy gushing and gushing. I was actually quite concerned that I'd squirt all over the couch! Fortunately, all of the pussy juices ended up in Master's mouth instead!

When he'd exhausted my multiple orgasm (for the moment), Master then laid me down on the carpet, face-down, and fucked me hard. After he'd gotten me off a few more times, he climbed off of me and told me to suck his cock. I did, and I enjoyed tasting my sweet juices all over him.
After a bit, he laid me down on my back and fucked me some more. His cock slipped out of me momentarily, aiming itself toward my asshole. Master asked me if I would be interested in sliding it up there.... the answer was yes! Even without lube, we were able to get his cock into my tight little hole. He fucked me gently in the ass until I started to feel a little uncomfortable. Then, we moved to the bathroom.

Master ran a hot bath for us, and lit candles. It was so cozy and romantic, and very sexy. He climbed into the bath first, and sat down. I stepped in, and Master began licking my pussy until I came again. Then I sat down in his lap. Master started rubbing my pussy, and told me to tell him a fantasy story. My mind was relatively blank - drunk on orgasms and romance, I guess! I spun a simple little tale about an innocent girl dying to learn all about sex.
Master made me cum with his fingers, then climbed up to sit on the edge of the tub. He had me suck his cock for a few moments, which I did somewhat softly, tentatively, as though I were the girl from my story. Then Master stood up and fucked me in the tub.

We then decided to move to the bedroom. We have two large mirrors in the bedroom, and Master wanted a nice view. He laid on his back and I started sucking.... Then I climbed on top and fucked his cock in a few positions..... I turned around (still on top) and fucked in a few more. Then he laid me down on my side and fucked me until he was ready to cum. Then Master pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a huge load of cum across my face and onto my tits.

A spectacular finish to a particularly fun night! At once very sexy, and very intimate and romantic.... my favorite kind of night!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I love the smell of leather. I love the feel of leather. I love the look of leather. I love the bite of a leather toy on my flesh.
I am a big fan of leather!

I've always loved the smell of it. I remember telling my friends "there is just something about it!" back when I was a teenager and got my first leather jacket. References to leather even crept into my emo poetry. I believe Hazy Eyes and Leather was a title I came up with. To me, leather always represented something sexual and exciting. Perhaps because I felt so sexy wearing it?

In my relationship with Master, leather has made an appearance many times. There's the sexy leather harness he picked out for me....

There's the leather corset (my very first corset!)...

There are leather cuffs, to go with that corset....

There is my collar, my prized and treasured collar....

Oh, and let us not forget the implements! Leather floggers and paddles can leave quite the delicious mark!

Leather is always going to be one of those scents that I associate with hot sex (or at least with looking hot!). For me, it shall forever be in style!


Sunday, September 8, 2013