Monday, October 28, 2013

Cum on My Stockings

We had some adult company one night last week. A guy that we've had over to fuck me before was back in town, so we had him over for a nice little fuck session.

I did lots of cock sucking, back and forth between my Master's and our guest's cocks as they sat on the couch. After a while of this, Master got behind me and started fucking me while I sucked our friend. We did the inverse of this, as well (me sucking off Master whilst getting fucked by our guest). At one point, they even DP'ed my cunt! They both have big cocks, so it's quite the experience to be stuffed full of them both at the same time! Then we moved to the bedroom and moved around in quite a few sexy positions.

Our guest was the first to let me know he was ready to cum. I was in mid-blowjob at that point, and then started jerking him onto my face as he released his load.
Master's turn was next, and I got down on the floor on my knees to take his load all over me. Between the cum of both of these men, I was simply covered. From my hair down to my stockings, cum was dripping everywhere!

It always feels like a reward for a job well done when the man (or men) I've served serve me their gigantic loads - all over my body!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Dirtiest Thing I've Ever Done

I've officially reached a new level of slut-tastic-ness. Last weekend, Master took me out for a little afternoon adventure. We returned to the adult theater that we had attended for a quick fuck once last winter. This time was quite a different experience!

We left the house in normal clothing, and Master had me change into something much more scanty as we crossed a long bridge into the next city. I donned a clingy white t-shirt (no bra), a clingy black miniskirt that always tends to ride up, fishnet thigh-highs, and lovely heels to finish the look. 

When we pulled up to the theater, my heart was racing. Master and I had discussed the possibility of my serving cocks at the glory holes, and I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to be made to do! The parking lot was quite full this time!

We entered the theater. I am sure the men milling about out front and inside the sex toy shop were looking at me, but I kept my eyes down. I do it every time. It just feels right that way - submissive to the core.

We entered the dark theater and found a seat out in the main area. We sat down to watch the movie, although I don't recall seeing much of it. Master and I started making out and he began rubbing my thighs and letting his fingers make their way up to my pussy. He got me really excited, and I'm sure we got the attention of all the lurkers in that room.

After a few minutes, we decided to find a private room. We had to check a few to find one unoccupied! We settled in to one with a "jungle" theme. It was kind of silly - vines, tiger poster, stuffed gorilla hanging from the ceiling - but it was dark and intimate. There was a light, but it felt hotter to leave it out, so the room was lit by the glow of porn playing on a small television in the corner.

There was so much shuffling outside the door, which made my heart race even more. I was so happy to have my Master with me - he makes me feel safe. At the same time, I kind of felt like a cheap whore in the movies. The dark room and expectations of anonymous sex lent themselves to that feeling...

We weren't in the room long before Master noticed someone had entered the room next to us and opened the glory hole. So he told me to strip. I obliged. Then Master told me to go see what the person in the next room wanted. I stuck my hand through the hole, and in a moment, there was a cock in my hand! I started stroking it, feeling so dirty! Pleasuring a strange cock without even seeing who it was attached to was an entirely new experience for me!

After a few minutes of stroking, Master encouraged me to get down and start sucking. I did - apparently very well, as he came in my mouth rather quickly (without any warning, which kind of annoyed me, but I guess you take your chances at the glory hole...). 

Someone else appeared after he left, but he didn't stay to receive any pleasure (other than a quick peek at us through the hole).

I got down on my knees and started giving Master a nice blowjob. It felt so nice to reconnect with him physically after doing something so dirty!

Then, another guest appeared at the hole. I sucked his cock for a moment, but he was more interested in groping me through the hole. We indulged this for a few minutes and then he went on his way.

Next, a black cock popped through the hole. I had never sucked one before! Master got behind me and fucked me while I sucked this fourth "guest" at the hole. I sucked him for a while, and Master alternated between fucking me and taking pictures. Eventually, we checked the time and realized that we had to head out. We mentioned it, yet our guest did not release his load.

We headed back out, me with my eyes down, of course. We browsed the sex shop in hopes of finding a decent video (no such luck there). I felt so incredibly dirty, wondering who, if any of the men staring at me I had sucked or fondled. I will never know!

I kept my slutty clothing on and changed back into street clothing in the car. As soon as we were back out in daylight, the whole experience began to feel like a dream. I was in awe of just how slutty I could be. Master was very pleased, and I was happy, too. It had been a fun way to spend our "date afternoon."

We are planning to do this again very soon. I will keep you all posted on the outcome!

Saturday, October 12, 2013