Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Learning to Love Anal: New Year's Resolution

So... anal sex. For so long it was my Achilles heel, but I am finally going to conquer it in 2013!

For years I've viewed it with a sense of fear, most likely a carryover from the couple of times in the past that it was painful/uncomfortable. My poor husband, who absolutely loves fucking my little asshole, has been so patient with me. And now I aim to give him his reward.

Yes, among the typical fitness and financial pledges, I've made a commitment to get good, really good, at anal sex.

Master helped me out by surprising me with a pretty purple butt plug, a small one, just in time for New Year's Eve. After we'd inserted the plug, he fucked my pussy while it was in. Although the plug is much smaller than your typical dick, it still gave me a glimpse into how DPing porn stars must feel!
When he had his fill of my snug little pussy, Master was ready to take my ass.

I lay on my belly (the only anal position I'd had any success with in the past), took a deep breath, and felt his thick, hard cock slowly sliding in. I let myself relax completely as he slipped deeper and deeper inside. He started fucking, and I let out a little gasp. It felt so intense, and yet not unpleasant at all.
I'm not yet able to cum from anal alone. But I'll get there (I hope)! So, Master reached down and rubbed my clit as he pumped his cock deeper and deeper. The intensity of orgasm while my tightest hole is stuffed full always comes as a bit of a shock. I think this is where it often starts to get way too intense to continue and I tell Master that he needs to finish soon!
And finish he did, dropping a huge load of warm, creamy cum in my hole.

I always feel a sense of pride whenever I've "made it through" and pleased Master in this way. This time was no different. I smiled up at him like a pet in need of a pat on the head. The look on his face after a really good orgasm is unmistakable.
"That wasn't even bad at all..." I said, coyly. "In fact, it was kind of good..."

And it's going to get better this year! Just wait and see. I will be sure to keep you updated on all of our anal adventures!

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