Sunday, February 24, 2013

Plaid Skirts and Kneesocks

Oh, the sexy schoolgirl... one of the most titillating fetishes for so many. And one of my favorite roles to play! I love hanging out in the headspace of a barely legal little miss in need of....

...a good spanking for bratty behavior
...a way to earn some extra credit to pass the class
...a little tutelage on how to please a man...

One of the best things about this role is the flexibility of it. I can play it up as innocent or "bad girl" as I like. I can be the slutty girl who's not above a little extortion in exchange for sex. Or I can be the clueless virgin, coerced into doing naughty things she' never dreamed of before, if only to keep up her precious GPA.
"You mean I really have to put it in my mouth?!"

 ...Or any combination of the above!
Another thing I love about this role is the potential to play within my favorite power dynamic. As the schoolgirl, I naturally fall into the submissive role. Master holds the power, I'm at his mercy. Whether he's going to punish me or reward me, it's going to happen through my giving him exactly what he wants sexually.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Another Friday Night...

After a long week, Master and I look forward to a fun, relaxing Friday evening to reconnect and decompress. Since we have small children, we don't get out much. But we have really great date nights at home. There is typically wine, usually music, and sometimes we play games. Oh yes, or movies. Sure, we rent regular movies sometimes, but I'm talking more about the XXX variety!

How we watch our porn depends on our mood. Some nights we'll snuggle up naked on the couch and softly stroke one another while we watch. This often leads to a blowjob, which often leads to me on my knees, bent over the ottoman, getting fucked doggy style.
Other nights we just put the video on for background entertainment with the volume low as we carry on our conversations, games, or whatever's caught our fancy.
If it's porn with a plot, such as many of the Digital Playground films (e.g. Pirates, Teachers, Fly Girls, etc.) we'll usually watch as though it were a "real" movie.
If we have "adult" company, we'll sometimes put some porn on with no sound, to kind of break the ice and set the scene.

Master and I enjoy ourselves no matter what the experience. A really poorly made film can be laughably entertaining. A really good one can be rather stimulating. And in-betweens still make for a nice backdrop to an evening we know will end in great sex, inevitably!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting a Little Fucked Up!

I do love red wine. Master and I drink it pretty often. But if you are not careful, even wine can get you pretty fucked up.... Cheers!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Learning to Love Anal: A New Position

So, as many of you know, I've made a New Year's resolution to improve at anal sex

I'm excited to say that we had another very successful go at it last night!
For the first time ever, I rode his cock while it was in my ass! The sensation is dramatically different from our go-to anal position - me lying flat on my belly. I was actually taken quite by surprise at the difference! It was pleasurable for me - not enough to bring me to orgasm, but still very enjoyable. Master, of course, loved it.
I feel so proud and happy when I can improve on his enjoyment of our sex life.

He started me out with an amazing progression of orgasms as he ate my pussy. Master is immensely talented in this area, and as usual, it paid off. Each orgasm he gave me got steadily more intense than the last until I was unable to stop cumming. I've heard that many women like to stop when it gets that intense. But I've found that, for me, keeping with it leads to an orgasm that seems never-ending.
Then we switched places and I gave his cock and balls some oral attention. Lots of up and down licks and soft sucks all over... A few deep thrusts down my throat... I especially love it when I can bury his cock down my throat and lick his balls at the same time!

Next, Master told me to lie on my belly while he fucked my pussy. Somehow, at this angle, he was hitting a lot of the same spots he does when he's in my ass. I could've sworn he was doing it on purpose!
By this time, I was so wet, loving all the pleasure I was feeling, and excited about giving Master my ass to finish in. I came again and again, until he was ready to switch holes.

We started with me still facedown. The feeling of his cock in my ass was, as is typical, pretty intense. I actually felt myself get close to orgasm as he rocked back and forth inside my tightest hole. After a few minutes, he asked if I was ready to try climbing on top. It took us a moment or two to get the right spot (it's hard when neither of you can really see what's going on!). Suddenly, it slid right in! I started to rock back and forth, up and down. The sensation was so new and different, and best of all, arousing!

After a few minutes of this, he told me to kiss him. Those were the best words in the world to me, at that moment, and I did, eagerly. He came only moments later. 

It was exhilarating to try something new and have it go so well! I'm really pleased with my anal progress so far, and I expect only good things to come!