Saturday, July 27, 2013


There are so many words that could be used to describe this image. "Discipline" is the one that felt right to me.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cumming in My Sleep

I cum so easily I can do it in my sleep! 

Well, I have read that people often do, they just don't usually remember it. That is a shame. I absolutely love the way it feels to awaken into a blurry orgasm - or to wake up in the morning with the delicious feeling that I just know I came while I was sleeping.

Sleep orgasms show themselves in different ways for me. Sometimes I wake up and as I start my day I'll gradually remember having a very sexual dream. My body will feel a bit tingly and warm, and I will find myself dying to get back into bed - this time awake with my husband!

Other times, I've woken up mid-orgasm (or directly post-orgasm). This doesn't happen as often, though it happened a lot during my second pregnancy! When it does, it feels so "real" that it is always a little surprising to suddenly realize that it was a sexual dream, not physical contact, that prompted this feeling! I don't (yet) have the ability to cum without physical contact of some sort while awake. I do know by these occasional sleep orgasms that my body is capable of it, however! Very interesting....

My absolute favorite memory of cumming in my sleep is from the first year Master and I were together. We had had really fun and passionate sex before going to bed, and a few different times throughout the night we both remember waking up thrusting at one another in our sleep. It just goes to show that the sexual parts of the brain never truly turn off! Or maybe it's just that sex is more fun than sleeping. Or both.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ah, The Leather Harness...

This lovely little leather harness is one of my oldest pieces of sex wear, and carries with it many fun memories. 

Master and I picked it up in a great little sex toy/ "clubwear" shop we used to frequent. The photo shoot pictured here is from our one year "dating anniversary" - now over eight years ago! Master did so many fun things to me that evening. I was cuffed, bound to a chair, bondage tape covering my mouth (until he wanted his cock sucked!), with a camera snapping from the tripod all the while.

I wore this little harness the night before we got engaged (later that same year). I knew I was getting an engagement ring soon - we'd already picked it out. Master was going to surprise me by getting the ring even earlier than we'd originally planned, but the excitement was just too much and he had to tell me the night before! I was ecstatic. We had an intensely sexy night together. Lots of candle wax was dripped over my body as I writhed about on the soft carpet in the leather harness. I will never ever forget it.

Because it's more of a one-size-fits-most garment, and I was a very small girl before having babies (and I am still pretty small!) so the front part has (for me) a decent amount of "give." We had joked that it would still be a sexy garment to wear when I was pregnant one day. Well, we gave that a shot one afternoon near the end of my first pregnancy. It did still fit, but not quite as well as we'd envisioned. Oh well.

I love how something as simple as a sex garment can carry such a pleasant emotional weight. Even when it's as lightweight as a hot little leather harness!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm Ready

Ready for whatever Master wants to give me. A lashing, a caress, or his cock....

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Storytime Position

A sex position I have always loved is where I am lying facedown, with Master above me, fucking and whispering naughty things to me. Sometimes he reaches down and fingers my clit. Sometimes he instructs me to do it. Sometimes he takes hold of my throat and gives me a nice choking. And then, sometimes we have storytime...

Sometimes Master will instruct me to tell him a story while we fuck. Being put on the spot is always a little awkward, but I'll pick a theme and try to piece together a sexy little tale. I never quite feel like I'm good at it, but Master is usually pretty excited anyway. 
Other times, he will decide to tell me one. I love the way Master tells his naughty stories. His attention to sexy details is so good, and his stories are always very stimulating!

It seems that the stories frequently end up being about a girl (me) being used by multiple men at the same time. He says that the obvious arousal these stories stirred up in me (as evidenced by my dripping wet pussy!) was a strong indicator toward encouraging me to give serving two men at once a try! 
Last night, as he held me down and fucked me hard, Master told me a story about the two of us returning to the adult theater where we had a date a few months ago. 

In the story, there were four men waiting for us, invited in advance by Master. I served them all at once. I was covered in their cum. I even blew two guys watching from the gloryhole. 
It was an exciting tale. I told Master this after we finished. He said he could tell I thought so from the obvious wetness of my cunt!

I can think of no better way to hear an erotic tale than to have my lover fucking me and breathing his words right beside my ear. I love "Storytime Position!"