Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy (Early) Birthday to Me!

I am one of those lucky people with a birthday that often falls on a holiday weekend. It's a great excuse for a three-day celebration! This year, however, my birthday is Wednesday. I know Master has some surprises planned for me tomorrow, but he wanted to start celebrating early. So he planned a really hot date night in for us!

First, he put on a song by the band Umbra et Imago. They are from Germany, and often incorporate BDSM themes into their lyrics. Then he handed me a pink gift bag. I pulled out the black and purple tissue paper to reveal a bottle of Apothic Red (such a good wine!), a DVD featuring girls taking two cocks at once, and a fishnet bodystocking.
Oh yes, and there was a card with an invitation to spend the evening playing our favorite game: Onyx. Onyx is a very sexy game. We downloaded it nearly eight years ago and we always have a great time when we decide to break it out. It's kind of like Monopoly, except that you can opt to work off the rents with sexual favors, among other fun twists. I highly recommend it.

So.... I put on the bodystocking, turned on the DVD, booted up the game, drank a toast with the wine, and then we were ready for some sexy fun!
The game took us through lots and lots of foreplay. Sometimes I was allowed to cum from it, sometimes, not. It certainly kept me on edge! I also got to be double penetrated until I came (Master's finger in my ass and a toy in my pussy), roleplay as a sexy masseuse, and even bent over the couch (in high heels!) to be fucked anally. The game also sent me to the proverbial "Torture Chamber" for a good sound spanking - several times!

We probably could have continued on with the game for many hours, since neither of us ever spends any of the play money - "working it off" is so much more fun! So we went on until the wine bottle was empty, and finished up in the bedroom.

It was a fantastic way to ring in my birthday (early!). I know I'll always remember it. Now I can't wait to see what else Master has in mind for me!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Mark of a Slave

Getting my first tattoo was a very special experience. Master went back and forth on whether he wanted to see me marked at all. But it eventually seemed very appropriate (to us both!) that my first tattoo be a slave's mark. We chose the kanji symbol for "slave" and placed it on the back of my neck. It looks so elegant, and yet, discreet enough that most people would never guess its true meaning.

Although, there was one time when an ex-coworker of Master's saw it (she was actually from Asia, and knew what it meant!) and she asked me in horror "Who put that on you?!" and then "Do you know what that means?" All I could do was quietly say yes, I knew the meaning and that I liked the tattoo. So awkward!
And I did see another woman in a bookstore once with the exact same tattoo in a similar location. I don't know if she also saw mine. That was a pretty crazy coincidence!

Master (who already had a bunch of tattoos) got the kanji symbol for "Master" in the same spot, at the same time as I was getting mine done. I love that we have these visible symbols that carry such great meaning, and also remain a special secret between the two of us (and the few people we've actually told). I wear my hair down much more often now than I used to, so mine is hidden much of the time. But I love knowing that it's there. And if Master wants to grab my hair while he's fucking me from behind, he can look down and see the mark of his slave.

I love tattoos. I have three now, and want more. But no matter how many I may end up with, I will always hold a very special place in my heart for my first!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just a Glimpse...

Years ago, Master and I did some professional photo shoots for an adult website we were planning to launch. Although the website is no more, the pictures live on.
These were taken on a Sunday afternoon, in the downtown area of our city at the time. It was a very cold day, and a rather deserted downtown. We found ourselves in an alley, our photographer encouraging us to go for the more revealing shots, even though I was so anxious about being "discovered" and getting in trouble with the law or something to that effect. We managed to avoid getting caught, and we got so many great pictures!
Just a glimpse...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Black Lace

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday is all about the image. Click above to see who else is playing!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enjoying Two Cocks

Master had a special sort of surprise for me last Saturday night... He invited over another guy so that I could pleasure them both at once! We've had experiences where I've been used by two men simultaneously before, but it had been quite a while since we'd done it. It was definitely a fun night.

Whenever we've had company of this sort, Master does the "hunting" and when he finds someone suitable to invite over, I am always completely in the dark over whom to expect! This time, our guest was probably a few years younger than I, which is actually a first for me! I've always gone for men older than me for some reason. He had a nice cock, thinner than Master's, but still a decent length.

We all sat around and did the obligatory "getting to know you" small talk and all. We popped on a porn DVD and after a while, Master decided that I was wearing a bit too much clothing. So off came the dress, the bra, and the cute little panties.

I knelt down on the floor and went back and forth between Master's cock and our guest's. It was so much fun! I love giving Master a good show, as well as making our guest's visit well worth his time. Not to mention how much I love sucking cock for its own sake!

While I was deep-throating our guest's cock (he actually took it upon himself to push my head down on his cock), Master came up behind me and started fucking me. It felt so good, except for the stone floor under my knees! So we moved to Master's (carpeted) home office. In there, I got down on my knees while the men stood over me. Again I moved between their two cocks, stroking whichever wasn't in my mouth at the moment. Master got behind me again and fucked me hard while I took our guest's cock down my throat. When Master asked me how I was feeling, all I could respond with was "airtight!" He asked our guest if he wanted to fuck me, but he said he would stick with oral.

Both men stood over me as I knelt. Master came first, shooting his creamy load all over me. Our guest came next, a copious load, mostly all over my face. I knelt there, absolutely coated in cum, while Master snapped a few pictures.

Few things make me feel quite so dirty as sitting there after the fact, coated in the cum of two men. It's a delicious kind of dirty, though! It's so much fun to be used as a cockslut. I'm glad we got the chance to do it again, and I'm sure there will be more experiences like this in the future!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pleasure and Pain Become One and the Same

I was thinking this afternoon about what kind of sex I want to have tonight. I kept swaying between the urge to be choked, spanked, and fucked hard and a desire for tender candlelit lovemaking. Truly, they both still sound incredible right now (with only a couple of hours to go 'til bedtime!).
I absolutely love sexual pleasure. There are few things that can compare with the rush of a particularly strong orgasm. I love the way my body tingles and cries out for more when I'm being caressed, kissed, or tenderly held by my dear Master.

And yet, for me, there is so much additional pleasure to be had in the experience of pain. If I'm in the right mindset, I can take quite a bit of it! Occasionally, incidental pain such as sitting down in short shorts on a hot leather car seat will send a little thrill through me.

But what I'm really getting at here is sexual pain. My ass, nipples, neck, back, even my inner thighs can be deliciously devilish targets for my Master's sadistic whims. If the mood is right, I will eventually lose myself in the sensations of a set of stinging spankings, the licks and bites of a flogger's tails, or the firey intensity of a caning or cropping. When I start to float into subspace, the pain morphs into real pleasure. It's as though, whether I'm bent over Master's knee or having an orgasm at his mercy, the feelings of pain and pleasure are nearly the same! Endorphins course through me and all I can do is smile, cry out, even giggle sometimes. The intensity of pain mixed with sexual excitement truly does create an altered state of mind.
Coming down from this kind of high can be pretty intense, too. But as long as I have a nice, warm place to snuggle with Master afterward, then it's generally a very sweet and gentle comedown. I've noticed that I do get very cold after a trip into subspace. After doing a scene at a BDSM club one night, we went back outside to our car in 80 degree weather and I was shivering!

That place where pain and pleasure meet and merge is downright magical for me. I would describe it as a sense of freedom, of surrender to sensations beyond my control. I love knowing that my Master has that power over me. The power to take my body and mind to a level I couldn't possibly find alone. It's especially magical that we get to take that trip together. I always feel incredibly connected to him after a session where I've hit subspace.

Subspace certianly does not happen for me every single time we incorporate impact play and pain into our evening. And there is still excitement and pleasure to be found in it, whether or not I enter an altered mindstate. Oh, but few things can quite compare with hitting that perfect stride.... "magical" is the best way to describe it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Secretary - A Re-Imagining

My take on a scene from my favorite movie - Secretary.

Come and see who else is sexing up the movies!
Sinful Sunday

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Urge to Serve

Lately I feel rather struck by the urge to serve. Our present life is very hectic and does not afford the degree of time we used to lavish on our dynamic as Master and slave. So, I think a little daydreaming about "simpler times" (which I am sure we will again come to a version of in the future) is in order!

Master and I did not meet under any sort of BDSM conditions. It was as simple as boy-meets-girl and love quickly followed! By the time we entered our second year of coupledom, we had already gotten ourselves into quite a bit of kinky fun. It was around that point that we molded our relationship into a very disciplined M/s one.

There were a few rules that I had to follow every day. For instance, whenever I wanted to eat during the day while at work I had to call Master and ask his permission.
Sometimes there were twists on domestic activities. I am very proud to say that I've made a full-sized bed - pillowcases and all! - with my hands bound by rope. And I don't think I will ever forget the time that I ate my dinner with my arms in a spreader bar!

Oh, but my favorite....
As soon as I got from work (which was 30 minutes or so before he did, generally), I was to strip naked, take my collar in my mouth and kneel, back straight, head held high, hands crossed behind me, facing the front door - so that Master could have a lovely view when he got home. Sometimes this was difficult! My knees would get tired, even on the soft carpet. I'd sometimes have to adjust the way the collar sat in my mouth. It was summer much of this time, and little beads of sweat would trickle down my back or between my breasts. Occasionally, Master would get caught up at work, and I'd find myself waiting longer than ususal.
Oh, but all of it, every single moment of it was always well worth it to see his approving smile when he walked through the door.
Now that is what I consider a very romantic way to greet my love after a long day....