Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Porn + Wine = A Very Fun Night

In the midst of a schedule temporarily far more hectic than we are accustomed to (or fans of), Master and I have been making the most of the time we have to connect with one another.

What better way to spend a date night at home than some red wine and a gangbang porn DVD? Well, I'm sure there are others, but this was a very fun evening! The video was decent for the most part. The girls seemed pretty into what they were doing, which always make the scenes more fun to watch. In between sips of wine, I sucked Master's cock, which got really big and hard really fast.

After a while, he laid me down on the soft carpet, on my belly, facing the television so I could continue to watch the movie. And then he slid his huge hard cock inside my eager pussy. We had a been a couple of days without fucking, and my body needed it!
As he was fucking me from behind, Master started to tell me about how he can't wait to make me his gangbang bitch someday. He asked me if I was excited that I'd get to do all the things we were watching the girls in the movie do.... The answer to that was "yes!"

We were both really excited. I came a bunch of times, and then Master shot his (very big) load all over my face. Both of us felt so good in that post-orgasm glow, as we sat and watched the next scene and drank a bit more wine. When we got to bed, there was more in store for me! As soon as we turned out the light and climbed into bed, Master grabbed me and started fucking me all over again! This time, he came inside of me, making my already dripping wet pussy even hotter and wetter!
I fell asleep, snuggled up against his naked body, completely blissed-out. A highly enjoyable date night, in my opinion!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pleasuring Myself: Part Two

I think it may be true that the universe gives us something if we "put it out there" that we want it...

Last week I had written about how simple my methods of pleasuring myself are when Master's not home.
Not a day or two later, I found a lovely surprise when I went to make the bed. There was a note under the pillow, addressed to "slavegirl." The note detailed a very pleasurable assignment I was to take on that night while alone.
I was to fuck my pussy with a nice fat dildo, while pleasuring my clit with the Hitachi magic wand. I was to set the interval timer (the one we use for working out!) and switch the toys back and forth from pussy to clit each time the buzzer went off. Doing so, Master reminded me, would bring to mind the fantasy of being passed back and forth between two men.

I did exactly as I was told, and made my little pussy cum as many times as I could manage. The combination of fucking and the Hitachi is incredible! The fact that Master wanted me to think about such a naughty, slutty act certainly helped up the number! MMF threesomes are really a lot of fun; and the fact that Master likes to use me as his slut when he so chooses is highly arousing to us both.
Somehow, for this particular assignment, it just felt right to leave the lights on, and enjoy the fact that our new bedroom has large mirrors on the closet doors, right alongside the bed!

Yes, finding the note while going about the afternoon chores made my day. But getting to cum so many times to Master's particulars, even though he wasn't here, made my night a very good one!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pleasuring Myself

Lately, I've had a decent amount of downtime in the evenings. Downtime all alone. So.... sometimes the thought creeps into my head that I really should give myself some love.
In truth, I've ended up falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow most of these nights. Apparently, that is what months of sleep deprivation results in! Luckily, Master wakes me up when he gets home and I usually get a nice fucking before I drift off again. I truly do sleep better when I've cum first.

But, in thinking about cumming alone, I realized that I do it basically the same way every time. I have a nightstand full to the brim with sex toys (and then some!). And yet, I end up using my fingers every. single. time.
The exception to this is if Master has instructed me to cum a designated number of times and with a specific toy - or, of course, if we are playing together.

But when it's just me, it's really just me! I can cum pretty quickly once I get revved up, so I don't even need a lot of time to make it happen. It really does feel lovely to curl up somewhere cozy and start caressing my pussy. Where I place the most emphasis depends on my mood, and what buttons I hit along the way! I can cum from vaginal or clitoral stimulation, so I never quite know exactly where I'll finish.

I love the soft feel of my pussy lips beneath my wandering fingers. I love the wetness that comes with my arousal. I love being able to make my body feel so much bliss - using only my own body!
As I'm getting myself to a climax, my thoughts tend to lean to the exhibitionist and submissive sides.... dreaming of Master holding me down and fucking me hard.....or of being on display and made to do naughty things for an audience.... or a particularly good memory of a recent fuck.

Ultimately, sex with Master is always the most satisfying and fun way for me to cum. But I am very happy that I can "get the job" done (and well!) if the mood strikes and he's not available!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Joy of Rope

I absolutely love hemp rope.

Yes, I love being bound with it. Whether my wrists and ankles are tied to the bed or my entire body is encased in a beautiful Shibari design, I am a happy girl if I'm somehow restrained by rope.

And yet, in the process of moving I unpacked and repacked the contents of our nightstand (I think we need a bigger one, the drawers are so full!). Each time I touched or smelled the bundles of hemp rope, I got a little tingle in my body and an intense yearning for some rope play! There is something so seductive about the feeling of rope sliding across my skin. From the very first time Master and I gave it a try, I was hooked!

It feels as though it's been a while since we've played with rope. I think we may need to fix that, and soon! Until then.... I hope you enjoy these: