Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Quick and Naughty Blowjob

Master and I were able to steal ten minutes alone this afternoon in his home office - so we made the most of it!
Ever since we set up the home office, the plan has been for me to suck Master's cock while he is working on the computer. I'm actually a little surprised it took this long to put in to action! I wasn't expecting it to happen today. I walked into his office with a cup of coffee and was about to ask if he wanted a snack as well. Master told me that he was cueing up a porn site on his tablet. I immediately knew what that meant, and I crawled under the desk as he undid his fly, revealing an already stiff cock. I eagerly took it in my mouth and started sucking and licking away.
Since I'm used to giving much longer blowjobs, I was a little startled when I tasted his cum after only ten minutes or so. But, I understand that a work break can only be so long. If only they could all be this fun!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun With Bondage Tape

Have you ever before seen such a restrictive dress? Not to mention shiny, revealing, and so very tight.

...And it's completely made out of bondage tape! Master and I had picked up a roll of it at an adult shop. He had the brilliant idea to wrap me in it - completely - from thigh to breast. Bondage tape may not be the easiest medium for dressmaking, but Master made it look easy. And I like how it made me look and feel!

It's amazing what a creative person can come up with when met with the right muse and the right materials!