Monday, October 28, 2013

Cum on My Stockings

We had some adult company one night last week. A guy that we've had over to fuck me before was back in town, so we had him over for a nice little fuck session.

I did lots of cock sucking, back and forth between my Master's and our guest's cocks as they sat on the couch. After a while of this, Master got behind me and started fucking me while I sucked our friend. We did the inverse of this, as well (me sucking off Master whilst getting fucked by our guest). At one point, they even DP'ed my cunt! They both have big cocks, so it's quite the experience to be stuffed full of them both at the same time! Then we moved to the bedroom and moved around in quite a few sexy positions.

Our guest was the first to let me know he was ready to cum. I was in mid-blowjob at that point, and then started jerking him onto my face as he released his load.
Master's turn was next, and I got down on the floor on my knees to take his load all over me. Between the cum of both of these men, I was simply covered. From my hair down to my stockings, cum was dripping everywhere!

It always feels like a reward for a job well done when the man (or men) I've served serve me their gigantic loads - all over my body!

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