Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Toys!

Recently I had the good fortune to be featured in a photo competition on Molly's Daily Kiss. The original competition results are right HERE!

Anyway, the prize I received for my submission (no pun intended) was a gift certificate to Angel's Sex Toys. Yay!

Master was highly intrigued by getting a pussy pump for me. So we did. I had never used one before, and I will say that it was a very intense feeling! When Master pumped it up the first time, he did so pretty quickly. This actually was too much for me. But with a somewhat more gradual approach, we got my pussy looking pretty puffy. It did not stay as puffy as I would have thought for as long as I'd imagined, but the sensation was still great! It was somewhat more sensitive, although I was highly aroused anyway!
Below, you can see an example of the puffiness, still encased.

Master had also given me free rein to select a second item. I chose nipple clamps with bells on the end.
For a long time, I'd been adverse to clamps, but somehow it just felt right.... I actually enjoyed having these on. Master liked them, as well. I was hoping that they would call to mind times in the past when he had placed a bell on my collar.

So, all in all, big thank yous to Molly's Daily Kiss and Angel's Sex Toys!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not That Innocent

Despite the schoolgirlish skirt, I think you will agree that my look here was hardly one of innocence!

For more naughty fun, come on over and check out this week's Sinful Sunday on Molly's Daily Kiss!
Sinful Sunday

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

An Epic Night of BDSM Fun

Master gave me an incredible night of bondage and orgasms last week! I always know that it is going to be a good night when I see him breaking out the ropes. He bound me tightly and affixed a lovely little set of clamps (that jingle!) to my nipples.

He then tightly tied our Hitachi Magic Wand to my leg. The placement was so perfect. Master instructed me to bend over the bed, and the wand was right in the spot where I needed it to be. And whenever I squirmed around as I came, the vibrator always managed to push up even closer and made my feelings that much more intense!

Master began flogging me as I was leaned over the bed and cumming hard against the Magic Wand. I began to drift heavily into subspace as I came particularly hard and started squirting! I was pulled back to concious reality by Master's telling me to stand up. Apparently, my elbows were starting to look a little purple, and he needed to remove the ropes. I never felt even the slightest discomfort - so this again reinforces the importance of a dominant keeping a close eye on his sub's well-being!

I was laughing as he untied me, awash in glowy subspace...


After removing the ropes and nipple clamps, he then switched me over to leather cuffs and a posture collar. He re-affixed the Magic Wand with bondage tape.

Back over the bed, he had me spread my legs wide and he cropped, flogged and spanked me. He pulled out the cane and (lightly) used that a few times. I think that the cane was mostly for show, to get a reaction out of me. Since my little ass cheeks were already very red, I was trembling at the sight of the cane.
I know how powerful it can be!

He also used a new toy that he'd made me that very evening - a paint stick wrapped in electrical tape and sandpaper! My ass was very rosy after all that!

Then, he brought over a candle and dripped wax all over those tender cheeks. It was so intense I nearly couldn't bear it. So he flipped me over and dripped wax all over my belly and breasts. That was much easier to bear. The hot wax feels intense and yet so wonderful, and I love how it feels on my skin as it dries.

When he had his fill of covering my body with wax, Master then used a riding crop to peel it off. That was a crazy sensation! He turned off the vibrator, which was torturous for me. I was in the midst of climbing back up to the heights of orgasm right as he did, and my body was crying out for the sensation back! But Master had other plans for me.

He told me to get on the bed. I was feeling subspace-y and didn't think to heed his words initially. So he put me on the bed himself, on my back.

He took the bondage tape that had been holding the Magic Wand on, and placed it over my mouth. He commanded me to spread my legs wide, which I did. And then he started fucking me, hard!

He kissed me over the gag and I couldn't help but smile. Though he couldn't see my lips, he later told me that he could tell from my eyes that I had.

Master then turned me over and fucked me on my belly. And then he had me suck his cock, in appreciation of the terrific beating he'd bestowed. He had a view of my pussy in the full-size mirror and remarked on how well-fucked it looked. He had wanted next to take my asshole, but decided he must take me doggy-style first!

I was very excited to get fucked, yet again!

I then climbed up on top, with Master's cock in my ass! I rode it hard and had three really strong orgasms! It was incredible! And of course, that is where he chose to cum - deep within my smallest hole.

It was one of those absolutely epic nights of BDSM fun! I can't wait for the next one!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Best Surprises Come Wrapped in Rope

I love it when Master surprises me with a rope bondage session! There is nothing quite like walking into the room and seeing this all laid out on the bed....
Just watching Master getting the ropes ready got me a bit worked up. I kept remembering the sensation of ropes being pulled across my skin. I was aching with anticipation to feel them on me!
I was not disappointed....

Once I was properly bound, Master had me on my knees, in front of the mirror, sucking his cock. I do so love being his cockslave.

Next, Master put me up on the bed and tied my legs in place. I really liked the way he tied my legs. I described it as "comfortable," believe it or not. Before I knew it, I was blindfolded and nipple-clamped. Then, Master flogged me, teased me with the Wartenberg wheel, and fucked me in several positions.

He finished in my pussy, as you can see here:

It was heavenly.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution Was A Success!

Back at the start of 2013, I made a New Year's Resolution to get really good at anal sex. It was nearly always a difficult thing for me before, and I wanted to get past my discomfort since Master really loves to take my ass.

I am pleased to say that this endeavor has been a success! We've played with so many new positions, and I've been able to cum with his cock in my ass! I've also stuffed my pussy with a dildo and cum like crazy while Master fucks my ass.

I'm really happy that I've finally been able to overcome this issue and make anal something that I enjoy, too! It, of course, gives me immense pleasure to regularly give Master what he has wanted since the first time he ever laid eyes on my ass!

And yes, that is how he chose to take me when we went to bed on New Year's Eve!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Exhibitionist Tendencies

I would definitely define myself as an exhibitionist. There is something so thrilling about being sexually on display. I like being objectified, desired even. So, occasionally, Master and I have found ways and public places to briefly put me on display - even if only for his eyes. 

I do also enjoy being "on display" in a more private or semi-private setting. Adult theaters have been a favorite place do this, lately. While the thought of "getting caught" nude or having sex in a public place is exciting, it's not worth getting into any kind of legal trouble, at least not to me! 

Being watched is a curious thing for me. It makes me at once feel both confident and submissive. I feel a little rush knowing that I am desired but off-limits to anyone but my Master (or others he may choose to share me with). Yet, proud of my body as I am when it's on display, I can scarcely bring my eyes up to anyone else's faces when I'm exposed (well, except for my husband's). And yet, the desire to be watched while having sex feels so ingrained in my psyche that I don't even remember when the idea first came up for me. It's like it has always been there!

Interestingly enough, we've done a number of photo shoots with various photographers, and the feeling on a shoot is quite different. I'm always excited and happy to be having sex with Master, but it doesn't have the same "anonymous" feel. I love seeing the results of our photo shoots, and they have always been fun to do, but it's different when you add in a layer of professionalism, I suppose.

In the past, Master and I were not always so discreet with our kinkiness as we perhaps should have been. I used to wear my collar when we were out and about. Although Master and I loved this, it did attract some of the wrong kinds of attention, and discouraged us from continuing on with it. 
On the one hand, I absolutely love the defiant, thrilling feeling of putting our kink out there for all to see. But, I do understand the other side of the argument: everyone else around you did not give consent to view me in bondage, and it may make them highly uncomfortable. It's a fine line to walk.... I'd prefer to be able to walk it a little bit closer to the edge!

 Kink of the Week