Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Toys!

Recently I had the good fortune to be featured in a photo competition on Molly's Daily Kiss. The original competition results are right HERE!

Anyway, the prize I received for my submission (no pun intended) was a gift certificate to Angel's Sex Toys. Yay!

Master was highly intrigued by getting a pussy pump for me. So we did. I had never used one before, and I will say that it was a very intense feeling! When Master pumped it up the first time, he did so pretty quickly. This actually was too much for me. But with a somewhat more gradual approach, we got my pussy looking pretty puffy. It did not stay as puffy as I would have thought for as long as I'd imagined, but the sensation was still great! It was somewhat more sensitive, although I was highly aroused anyway!
Below, you can see an example of the puffiness, still encased.

Master had also given me free rein to select a second item. I chose nipple clamps with bells on the end.
For a long time, I'd been adverse to clamps, but somehow it just felt right.... I actually enjoyed having these on. Master liked them, as well. I was hoping that they would call to mind times in the past when he had placed a bell on my collar.

So, all in all, big thank yous to Molly's Daily Kiss and Angel's Sex Toys!

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