Friday, March 29, 2013


Yes, I do own a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume. And I had the perfect occasion to wear it the other night.

On his travels to the adult video store, Master came across a little Alice in Wonderland parody porn video. It was mostly weird and not so titillating. But, who cares! I got to dress up in my cute little Alice dress and petticoat.
We didn't fuck while we watched the movie - but we did enjoy a martini.

When we got to the bedroom I was a wee bit tipsy. Master lit our three brand new pillar candles, which sent trippy looking orbs across the dark walls. I was very much in character as the innocent yet curiously skilled Alice.
Master asked me if I'd like to taste his "mushroom cap," which I did, of course! It is so much fun to play innocent while giving a damn good blowjob...

This led us next into a pretty hot position. Master had me put my hands on the wall, so he could see me in the mirror in the sultry darkness while he took me from behind. Apparently it was a pretty sexy sight, as the next day he made me put the heels back on and look in the mirror so I could see what I'd looked like at that angle.

It felt incredible, that is for sure! Master said he wanted to cum in my ass again, so sweet little Alice got up on the bed and yielded her tiniest hole to the forceful Jabberwocky.

It was a night of such silliness and sexiness all at once. Definitely a night to remember, for it's not every day that an Alice in Wonderland costume is the most appropriate attire for the occasion!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Sinful Sunday, Indeed!

After jumping in to my first "Sinful Sunday" at Molly's Daily Kiss, the Sunday fun just did not stop!

After a couple of days without having sex (which is highly unusual for us) Master and I made up for it in a big way. As soon as I was done putting up my post, we put on a porn DVD (Cruel DPs #3 I do believe it was titled) and popped open a bottle of wine.

We snuggled up together and I started stroking Master's cock through his boxers. He was already getting aroused after watching the "preview" part of the DVD.  I asked him if it felt good to be stroked under the fabric. He said it felt good to be stroked, period.

After a little while, I started to pop his cock out of the fly. The DVD had moved into a blowjob scene and I wanted to suck cock, too! He took the shorts off completely, giving me unrestricted access to his already very swollen cock. I sucked him slowly first - lots of long licks and little kisses all over. And then I got into a great position next to him and began deep-throating.

We went back and forth all evening between fucking and sucking while we enjoyed the video! Master mostly fucked me doggy-style, with me bent over the ottomans, facing the television. Although I did sit in his lap facing him, too. I did a ton of cocksucking, which I absolutely love! It's kind of a special talent of mine. It also helps that Master has such a nice cock. It's thick as well as long, and I love it the most when it is as swollen as it was that night!

Master also spent a lot of time playing with my nipples, which drove me absolutely crazy (in a very good way!). They have always been very sensitive, but lately the sensations I get from nipple play are close to orgasmic!

We did move to the bedroom once the movie was over, and the fun did not stop! We kept going back and forth between me sucking his cock and fucking in many various positions. 

When Master was ready to cum, he told me that he wanted to do so in my ass. He made me stand up and face the mirror as he fucked my tight little hole - hard! I couldn't get to an orgasm at that anal angle, but it was still intense! Watching myself in the mirror, crying out, body rocking back and forth at the force of Master's thrusts....just a little pleasure slave, my body a vessel for Master's carnal desires....

Sometimes a downright dirty, spectacularly sinful Sunday evening is EXACTLY what I need. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just a Little Something...

I can't wait to do this tonight. That is all.

Oh yes...Hold it...Right There...

There is certainly something to be said for a really hard and fast fucking - and that seems to be what people like best to focus on in sexual recounts. But... there is something that is, for me, just as earth-shattering. And that is just holding still.  When Master is on edge and doesn't want me to push him over to an orgasm yet he will instruct me to remain still. While the stillness may help him go on even longer, it tends to bring me right over the edge. Fortunately, I can cum more than once!

When lying there, willing my body to remain still, I feel the pressure of Master's big cock resting against some of my tenderest spots. The intensity of that unmoving touch is powerful! I start feeling like I can't even bear to remain still, despite how pleasurable it is! Instinct tries to take over and start me thrusting against his cock, and hard! Sometimes we come to climax together this way, which is always intense. But if I'm a really good girl and keep myself still, the waves of pleasure seem neverending. Even if he pulls out of me at this point, every inch of my pussy is throbbing and crying out for more.

Just thinking about it is making me feel a bit like that now... 

Monday, March 11, 2013

The First Photo Shoots

So, as I was taking naughty pictures of myself the other night as a little surprise for my husband, I was reminded of the very first time I did a naughty photo shoot.
After only a week or so of dating (which followed only a week or so of fucking without a relationship title), Master asked me if I wouldn't mind posing nude for him. I said yes without any hesitation. I was flattered and excited to show off for him.

He took a set of black and white photos of me in various poses on my bed. There were some ass-shots where I was bent over doggy-style, but most of them were more like portraits, and overall kind of elegant.
About a week later, he told me that he wanted to see the plaid pleated miniskirt I'd mentioned owning (It was the dead of winter in a cold climate, which is the only reason he hadn't seen it yet!). So I did the best short-notice schoolgirl outfit I could come up with, complete with pigtails. And again, we did a little black and white photo shoot. There were some POV shots of me sucking his cock and riding it, and of course, lots of sexy little poses. The tone was tasteful, not slutty. But, at the time I was still rather inexperienced and probably thought I looked less shy and innocent than I actually did. As my sexual experience and confidence has grown, I've become much more comfortable slutting it up in front of the camera! I was nineteen when the first pictures were taken, and when I looked at them again, only a year or so later, I could see how much I'd already changed! "Wow, I looked so young." was all I could find to say...

And then - tragedy struck. The computer with all of those pictures on it was the victim of a power surge which destroyed the hard drive. Only one of the photos survived. We had it posted on some website or another at one time. I'm saddened to have lost the rest of them. We have done many, many photo shoots over the years, but these were from that very heady phase of falling in love and really just beginning to explore the truest parts of my sexuality.
But, at least I rescued one of them:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Here is What Happens When You Give a Bored Girl a Camera...

So, I was home alone one night, waiting for my dear husband to come home and fuck me. I wanted to give him a little surprise. So I took some naughty pictures of myself. Not so easy to do well, but I gave it my best shot. A petticoat, wig, and a sense of adventure was all that I needed. Here's a little sample of what I came up with... enjoy!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning to Love Anal: A Sexy Climax

Master and I followed up an incredibly sexy afternoon date with an incredibly sexy night in.

We hung out with some wine and watched a bit of a porn DVD before we got to bed.
Once in the bedroom, Master decided it was time to try out the new toy we found at the adult theater. Basically, it's a set of "knuckles" that you can attach to a dildo for extra control while you're fucking someone with it! Master was pleased with it's usability, and I was pleased with the result!

But Master's ultimate plan, which he'd mentioned in the car earlier that day, was to fuck my ass while fucking my pussy with the dildo.
He did so with me on my back. First we got his cock slid deep into my tightest hole. Then he thrust the dildo in and started fucking - hard! It was very intense, to say the least!

Master wanted to fuck my ass hard in another position, so we switched to me on top. And I am very excited to state that I came three times from his cock in my ass! This could open up a whole new world of sexual excitement for me - and for my husband. He was very aroused to see me cum from getting my ass fucked - which of course, makes it all that much more exciting for me!

So, this New Year's Resolution has been a great success so far, and it's only March! I can't wait to see what other pleasures await us in 2013.


A Very Sexy Afternoon

Master and I had the opportunity to take a "date afternoon" for ourselves this weekend. We made the most of every moment...
I wore my highest heels, sexy jeans with no underwear, and a hot little black top that showed off my cleavage.

First off: I finally got to make a lifelong fantasy come true - giving head while he's driving. I'm a little surprised it's taken this long for us to finally get this one. Better late than never!
Master has a very sexy car that goes very fast (and tinted windows, too, fortunately!). Once we got onto the highway, he undid his pants and popped his cock out for me. I leaned forward and eagerly started licking and sucking, moaning as I felt him get hard in my mouth. Master reached over and caressed my ass (under my jeans, of course). Despite the awkward angle, I was having so much fun pleasuring him as we sped down the highway. It gave me a rush to get away with so much naughtiness, right out in broad daylight.

Before I knew it, I felt the car come to a stop. I popped my head up to see where we were. I did not exactly pick the best moment to do that. There was a bum on the street corner who probably had a pretty clear view of me suddenly "appearing" in the passenger seat.
We headed over to a nice bar and had a martini. It was great fun and I was in such great spirits.

After the drink, we headed for the "main attraction" of our outing: an adult theater. Neither of us had ever been inside one before. We were intrigued by things we'd read on the internet about this particular one and decided to check it out.

When we entered the building, we were in your typical porn shop. Racks of DVDs and sex toys lining the walls. We actually picked ourselves up a little souvenir: a plastic set of "knuckles" that attach to a dildo for a new degree of control.... more on that later!

We browsed the shop for a bit, then started to explore the rest of the place. There was an empty pool room with porn on the television and a love swing hanging in the corner. The mirrors covered the entire wall, so that if someone were getting fucked on one of the tables, they would have a great view! We headed back to the theater area. An older guy who was hanging out in the shop, obviously a regular or something like that, offered to give us a tour.

Apparently, the first and biggest "private" room was being used by a couple and a few guys. But we got to see several other private rooms. Each contained a small sofa and was dimly lit by the light of porn playing on a small television. I think they all had mirrors, but my memory may not be correct. I know they were each supposed to have a "theme." The only one I recall is the geisha room, and with good reason...
Then we were shown the main theater area. Rows of seats facing a bigger screen. We were told that female visitors to this place often attract a "trail" of followers.
It did feel as though we were attracting a good deal of attention from the handful of men hanging out in the private room area. Master and I thanked our "tour guide" and retreated into the geisha room. The door was lockable, which made me feel safe and cozy in our little bubble. There was a gloryhole, and there was a man peeping through. I guess we gave him quite a little show!.

Master had me kneel down and start sucking. I felt like a little porn star, teetering on my stilettos while I deep-throated his cock. Master then stripped me of my top and pulled my jeans down. He fucked me from behind as I bent over the sofa. Then he pulled me up into a position that makes me feel deliciously submissive. He stood me up and held me by my neck as he kept taking me from behind. I was writing in ecstasy, pushing back on his cock, and watching us in the big mirror mounted above the couch. It was so dark in the room, and all I could see were the silhouettes of our fucking bodies. I saw the outline of Master's strong, muscular arms as he fucked me. I couldn't make out the expression on his face at all. It really felt like I was being "taken," and it was highly erotic. I was moaning and crying out with each orgasm.
Master had strategically angled my body so that the guy watching would have a nice view. He did not stick his cock through the hole, but that was just fine with me. I was really just into enjoying the hot sex with my own husband.
Master did not finish at the theater. He did have me suck him some more before we left. But he wanted to save his huge load for later.

Oh yes, and I gave his cock plenty more oral attention on the drive home - this time, while Master fingered my asshole. It actually felt really good! Okay, except for my neck getting a little cramped from craning it into Master's lap. It was well-worth it all, though!
And our exciting afternoon carried over into an exciting evening at home...