Sunday, June 9, 2013


Of the various pain-causing implements of S&M play, the cane is possibly the most vicious. Or at the least, it's the most vicious I've encountered so far!

I haven't been beaten with a cane in a while. Honestly, it is such an intense experience that I do not mind it being more occasional. If I have not achieved an altered state of mind before being beaten with a cane, it is a bit more difficult to process the pain as pleasurable. A caning can bring me to the point of tears, and my ass will hurt for days afterward!

...And yet, I have a perverse love for it. There is nothing quite like feeling the bite of a cane over and over again across my tender flesh....crying and wishing for it to stop....but also enjoying the intensity of the sensation....knowing that the sight of my pale little ass growing increasingly streaked with red is a pleasing one to my Master.....

And when the caning is over, the way he runs his hand over the tender streaks, showing now as highly defined "stripes," is an insanely erotic way to begin the comedown. Fortunately, there is always also a good fucking to follow such an intense scene. Still reeling from the pain of a harsh caning, orgasm is a dramatically opposite feeling. It's enough to confuse the senses, and further drive me into subspace.

It is making my head spin a bit, just remembering...

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